Founder Award 11

In addition to the font design category, Founder Award 11 set a font application category (brand, poster, book, packaging and animation) this year. In this way, emphasize the importance of typefaces or fonts in design works.  Gothic and Mincho fonts are widely used in today’s graphic design with the advent of typography and recognition. In comparison, creative fonts with distinctive features are being disregarded. We tried to break the rigidity and explore the possibilities of these minor roles.  We redesigned several FounderType fonts using competition info as text. These graphics show different features brought by fonts.  We hope they can be enjoyed as patterns besides purely read as text.  With “blind box” as a concept, these patterns are made into various gifts and randomly presented to designers who might concern this competition. We are looking forward to everyone could handle them and like them.

AD: Du Xiao  D: Du Xiao, Huang Weijie 

The 10th Founder Type Awards Ceremony

We were commissioned by Foundertype to design the key vision of the 10th Founder Type Awards Ceremony. The organizer hopes to show that there are two script categories of the competition, Chinese and Latin, also considers the preferences of young audiences. We use kaomoji as a new language and introduce it into the context of Chinese and Latin languages, hoping to convey the cheerful atmosphere of the award ceremony through the selection and arrangement of the text in three languages.

AD,D: Du Xiao 

Founder Mark

Founder in the brand name FounderType, means Fangzheng (方正) in Chinese. Fangzheng (方正) has double meanings, one refers to the quality of being morally upright, and the other refers to the square shape of Chinese characters. Founder Type Design Competition, as a typeface design competition held by Foundertype, celebrates its 20th anniversary. On the occasion of the 10th competition, we were commissioned to design the trophy and the certificate, hoping to unify the format from now on. Founder Type Design Competition is not only an affirmation of the participants' years of hard work but also an affirmation of the organizer's persistence along the way. The trophy and the certificate are the "marks" of these two kinds of affirmations. With this concept, we design the trophy as a "print" which can print the award information on the blank certificate. The certificate left with the mark echoes the trophy, witnessing the "Founder Mark" of the organizer and the contestants.

AD,D: Du Xiao


Sub Brand from Aquaplus Hydrocare Center

AD,D: Du Xiao